Aims to promote integrated rural development of the region involving all categories of people collectively, through voluntary action, and also to promote the people.

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Rural Youth Development Society

Aims to promote integrated rural development of the region involving all categories of people collectively, through voluntary action, and also to promote the people.

The organization was founded by a team of young educated people to work for the development of the youth living in the rural areas of Rambilli Mandal. The founders of the organization are all the residents of the rural villages in the Mandal and after completing their education have worked with other Non-Governmental Organizations. No NGO is having a registered office in the coastal areas. The team has been working in the field and has been living with them, so they came to know about various problems faced by the communities living in the villages mainly coastal villages consisting mainly of the fishing community. Intending to work for the development of rural youth and other deprived communities, they founded the organization in 2001 with its registered office in vaucharchapuram

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


There is a world with no more inequality between people concerning access to eye care, and where everybody has an equal opportunity to build their future, with a clear focus.


The Rural Youth Development Society is rendering its dedicated services for the cause of Training, Awareness, and income generation programs for the Poor People in our working area.

Our Programs

Agricultural Awareness camps

The main objective is to make the unemployed youth self-reliant by improving and enhancing their personality. The youth are divided into 4 batches. They are provided training on the basics of Sewing machines, retail management, and skills. After the training program, youth are also given placements. For this. The charges of the Program we utilized are Rs.5,00,000. As a part of the program, the Rural youth Development Society has organized rallies and public meetings for generating awareness of Consumer Rights. Moreover, the Society has also conducted consumer awareness activities in 16 villages of the operational area. The youth who have passed 10th class and discontinued from intermediate and degree are been trained in these centers.

Aids Day Awareness Camps

We conducted 6 camps in our project area 600 persons participated in these awareness camps. The charges of the Program we utilized are Rs.35,000. We continued to bring awareness on safe sex practice among female sex workers, truck drivers, and MSM, and our organization has organized safe sex practice through a condom promotion program through the behavioral Change Communication (BCC) method with the collaboration of the district health department, particularly HIV/ AIDS nodal agency. This program was organized every month at Roadside dabhas sprawling on National Highway. The Rural Youth Development Society has received enormous positive attitudes towards safe sex from female sex workers, truck drivers, and MSM.

Training on Organic Gardening for Farmers

The Society has organized the Awareness Camp on "Climate Change" in the villages of Rambilli Mandal in Visakhapatnam District. The problems of climate change are due to the practice of modern agricultural methods and extensive usage of chemical fertilizers. Further, he added that, the systems of 'Organic Farming' that Organic refers to agricultural production system used to produce agricultural products organically. Organic farming management relies on developing biological diversity in the field to disrupt habitat for pest organisms and the purposeful maintenance and replenishment of soil fertility.

Computer skill development training

Computer skill development training has been conducted for rural youth to ensure better skills in MS Office, Data Entry, etc. The said program was conducted for 2 batches, each batch consisting of 40 candidates of both gender. The trainees were also trained in Soft skills.

EETP Program

An education program was conducted to aware the parents of dropout students to enable their school-going children who were unable to continue their education due to the migration of their parents.

Road Safety program

The Road Safety Program was awarded by the Ministry of Road Transport and High way Road Safety to aware the community on Road Safety. This program was implemented in Rambilli, Bheemili, Natavaram, Madhurravada Mandals, and Visakhapatnam Urban. In this program, the beneficiary communities were aware of Road Safety and precautions and the role of a Citizen. In this program, the Traffic Police Social Activists and Resource persons addressed and explained the safety measures while driving on High way Roads and the meaning of signboards / Caution boards displayed on the high way roads. .

Fashion Designing program

A Fashion designing program was conducted for 60 women in two batches to ensure their better lively hoods. They were trained on Marking, Cutting, and Stitching on women and Children's Garments. Embroidery, Zigzag, Maggam works are also explained and trained. During this program, the beneficiaries also trained on Entrepreneur Skills.

Agricultural program

Awareness programs on Better Agricultural Practices and making use of available resources and organic manures and pesticides were conducted to both women and men farmers in these awareness programs the farmers were aware of vermicompost, Neem Pesticide, Watering, and the modern techniques to prevent pests and diseases caused by them.

Program on Covid-19

The field staff of the Society conducted awareness on the Covid-19 virus CORONA) which causes damage to the Lungs, Heart, and other organs of the body. As there was no specific Medicine to cure this disease/virus the personnel hygiene such as hand washing, Use of the mask, social distance, etc. explained on the door to door basis. Masks provided to households. During this pandemic homeless are served food.

Health and Hygiene

Awareness of health and hygiene activity promoted on a door-to-door basis as there was a pandemic situation prevailed. The communities were aware of Handwashing, Sanitation, Making use of masks, and maintenance of Social Distancing.

Water and Sanitation

The communities were created awareness on safe drinking water, Managing and maintaining water resources. Further to this, they were also trained in the management of solid and liquid wastes. Created awareness on the promotion of Kitchen Gardens.

Awareness on Environment

Awareness created on Environment to improve the Green zone in School Areas, colonies, and social areas. The plantation was conducted.

Training for Women's Tailoring

With the Help of Donations, we received from CSR, conducted this Tailoring Training Program, During the reporting period many lessons learned are - It is very important to standardize norms in SHGs & youth to ensure financial discipline. Also, the staff members, as well as the members of SHGs & youth, should be persuaded about the rationale behind these norms. To ensure the continuous improvement in the performance of indicators for SHGS & youth, an effective monitoring system needs to be in place. Audit and Profit distribution should be followed regularly. Both vocational education and skills development have been known to increase the productivity of individuals, the profitability of employers, and the expansion of national development.

Government Schemes

Awareness generated on the available schemes by the Government for the weaker sections to ensure their better lively hoods by getting financial as women who were in Self Help Groups participated in this programs.

Seasonal Hostels

The society organized three seasonal hostels in Rambilli and Yelamanchili Mandals with the financial support of the Government. The children of migrated parents have been provided good nutritious food, cultural and entertainment facilities in addition to special education.

Awareness on Vermi Compost

The society conducted awareness campaigns on usages of Vermi Compost and the benefits of yielding and other agricultural produces. These campaigns were organized in association with panchayat members, local resource persons, and organizing committee members and staff. Conducted awareness campaigns among farmers educating them on non-pesticides management and other agricultural allied activities.

Sports and Cultural

The society conducted sports and cultural activities in Rambilli Mandal and Achyuthapuram mandals among rural youth with the financial assistance of NYK and SETVIS. Sports, cultural and debate competitions are conducted among school children. Children actively participated and made the program successful. The society distributed presentations to the winners in association with panchayat heads and other faculty who were participated.


The society conducted a Fashion Designing training program among women in Rambilli Mandal connected to the surrounding villages. Awareness was created among Rural women and they were trained in fashion designing and other allied activities. This program was supported by SETVIS.

Welfare Program

The society conducted women & children welfare programs, old aged welfare programs, disabled welfare programs, etc in Yelamanchili, Rambilli, and in Achyuthapuram Mandal villages in association with resource persons, local panchayat members. People were educated on literacy, women's rights, consumer rights, and rehabilitation activities designed for the welfare of the old aged.


The society conducted awareness campaigns in Achyuthapuram and Rambilli Mandals on literacy importance and children's education in association with the local headmasters, school teachers, panchayat members, local resource persons, and organizing committee members. People were educated on the importance of children's education and their regular attendance at schools. The public was educated about dropout children and they were advised to inform the Government Schools if they notice any dropout children in the villages.

Swach Bharat

The society actively participated in Swach Bharat programs organized on behalf of the Government through the district officials in Rambilli and Achyuthapuram mandals. The organization celebrated National festivals, Independence Day and Republic Day, etc in association with the local Panchayat members, resource persons, and organization board members.


Board Members

Gangupam Sanyasi Rao


Garikina Yerrayya

vice president

Surada Nookaraju


D.P. Sanyasi Rao

Joint secretary

Ch. Mangaraju




Pakalapati Kumari



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